Taoism: An Essential Guide
Taoism: An Essential Guide

Taoism: An Essential Guide

Millions of readers have come to the philosophy of Taoism thanks to the classics Tao Te Ching and the I Ching, or through the practices of t’ai chi and feng-shui, but the Tao is less known for its unique traditions of meditation, physical training, magical practice and internal alchemy. 

Eva Wong, a leading Taoist practitioner and translator, provides a solid introduction to the Way. All of Taoism’s most important texts, figures, and events are covered, as well as its extraordinarily rich history and remarkable variety of practice. Sections include:
• The History of Taoism traces the development of the tradition from the shamans of prehistoric China through the classical period (including the teachings of the famous sage Lao-tzu), the beginnings of Taoism as a religion, the rise of mystical and alchemical Taoism, and the synthesis of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

• Systems of Taoism explores magical sects, divination practices, devotional ceremonies, internal alchemy, and the way of right action.

• Taoist Practices discusses meditation, techniques of cultivating the body, and rites of purification, ceremony, and talismanic magic.

This roadmap to the spiritual landscape of Taoism not only introduces the important events in the history of Taoism, the sages who wrote the Taoist texts, and the various schools of Taoist thinking, but also gives readers a feel for what it means to practice Taoism today. A comprehensive bibliography for further study completes this valuable reference work.

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